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Lloyd L. Corricelli is a native of Tewksbury, MA. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Lowell with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He served eight years on active duty in the United States Air Force as a "SAC Trained Killer" with the Security Police and as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations. He rose to the rank of Captain before separating honorably as part of the Cold War "peace dividend." His assignments took him across the world to South Korea, Okinawa, and Europe.


After leaving the Air Force, he worked in the film and television industry in Orlando, FL where his acting credits included the sci-fi television series "seaQuest 2032" and the Jodie Foster film "Contact." It was during this time that Lloyd began to write screenplays. One of his very first, a vampire story called "Dark Millennium" was optioned by the film production company that produced the series "Swamp Thing" and "Superboy." Though never produced, it provided him a great deal of experience in writing.


He won the best screenplay award at the 2000 Kissimmee Film Festival for another work. Lloyd's works include the Ronan Marino mysteries "Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde,"  "Chasing Curves," "The Vicious Circle" and "The Comic Con." He also has a graphic novel adaptation of "Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde" with artist Alex Cormack.


His original novel "Three Chords & The Truth" is a story about time travel, rock n' roll and redemption, set in a small New England beach town.

Lloyd is an avid musician who has played in a variety of local cover bands as well as writing and recording his own music with the Corey Lloyd Band. He also enjoys working out, mountain biking, toy collecting and is an fervent fan of the Boston Bruins, Red Sox and New England Patriots.


Lloyd is a long-time practitioner of Okinawan Seidokan Karate and holds the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt). He trained in Okinawa while in the USAF under Master Shian Toma, the founder of Seidokan.

He is also a musician and writes and records his own music. A new CD under the name Lloyd Bailey is planned for release sometime in the near future.


He currently resides in Southern New Hampshire with his wife Kathy. He has two children Cameron and Celine and two step-children Anthony and Lauren. 


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